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  Teaching Skills That Last A Lifetime

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  • ​Inside details of h​ow the 

    ​modeling ​business works 

  • Different kinds of modeling opportunities and what specific jobs you could book  

  • Get all your questions answered 

  • Learn about our teaching philosophy and available classes

  • And much more!


​Not interested in a Modeling Career? ​


Business today demands more than ‘good enough’. When outstanding results are expected, or necessary, it isn't enough to be just effective. Our program is designed to create and inspire you to tap into your full potential.


Are you an actor that needs to increase your ‘IT’ factor and performance?


Do you need to achieve results that require a change in human behavior?


Are you taking on new leadership roles and responsibilities?


Do you need to get inspired and motivated?


  • Tap into your full potential

  • Uncover your core values and highest goals

  • Recognize and seize opportunities 

  • Manage your individual stresses 

  • Solve problems 

  • Establish clarity and focus

  • Performance improvement

  • Increase your “IT’ factor


Beginners to working professionals are welcome and no auditions are required. We look forward to meeting you soon.









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"Role Model had a massive impact on my life!"  Laura Lou


"I felt my confidence grow with every class." A'isha


"Modeling was my dream but I had no idea how to start. I found the way to my dream at Role Model LA. Thank you." Jenicece 

We are bombarded 

with ideals of...

Who we should be,

How we should look

and What we should do.

But the question is


Patti Harris, Founder and Exective Director

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We are not a Talent Agency and do not procure, offer, promise or attempt to procure employment or engagements for an artist

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