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What Kind of Modeling Jobs Could I Book?

Modeling Opportunities

There are modeling jobs for everyone.

Marketing today is increasingly diversified to appeal to every group.

Below are different types of modeling jobs in the industry. There are a number of categories a person might fit into. The requirements always vary depending on the client and the market.

There is no guarantee that someone will get steady work. That is why most people have another job as well. Models work as an independent contractors and are responsible for their own bookkeeping and taxes.

· High Fashion: High Fashion modeling jobs consists of mainly fashion shows and fashion spreads Famous designers hire top models to wear the latest couture’s down the runway and in magazines. There are very specific height and size requirements to fit into this category. They are the highest paid models in the industry. High Fashion female models must usually be 5’9 or above for males 6’ or more.

· Runway: Runway models wear clothing from a fashion designer, store or mall. These fashion shows can be held anywhere, indoors or out. Even nightclubs and schools have runway show to showcase new clothing lines from local designers. This is a great way to gain exposure and experience. Many model types can walk the runway.

· Editorial: Editorial models work for publications and fashion magazines, such as Vogue or a local publication. This is a photo shown in conjunction with an article in a magazine. Fashion designers and editors get the chance to be a little more creative with their work in magazine spreads. This type of modeling also can provide the model with exposure and tear sheets for their portfolio.

· Catalogue: Catalogue modeling jobs can be very competitive, because it gives models a lot of exposure from brands like “Victoria Secret” and “Abercrombie & Fitch” or for smaller companies and mail order catalogs. Many model types can do catalogue work.

· Commercial Print: Print models appear on printed materials like billboards, CD covers and all kinds of magazine ads to promote all types of products and services. This is a huge market for all model types.

· Showroom Model: Showroom models can do a runway show in a Local boutique or for a designer’s clothing line at a fashion party. They can help the designer pre-view his or her new collection in a showroom show.

· Spokes model: A Spokes model can Host a TV show or host a live event they have acting skills as well as modeling skill and are great speakers. Attractive in their appearance and have perfected their tone and clarity of voice.

· Promotional: Promotional models are hired to promote a product at a convention or an event.

· Informal: Models are hired to model in a restaurant, store or anywhere to model informally and talk about the clothes.

· Mannequin Model: The object is to look like a mannequin in a store window. Mannequin models must be able to hold poses for a long period of time and make robot type mechanical moves to change poses.

· Beauty: Usually these types will represent a Cosmetic or Skin Care line. Many famous models have gone on to work for Cosmetic companies as the face of the company. Fragrances and Hair products will also use these models. To be this type you must have a flawless look. No height requirements for Beauty models.

· Swimsuit Models: Swimsuit models must have great bodies. Many High fashion and editorial models lit this category. A lot of designers have a swimsuit line included in their collection, and in their runway shows. Magazines such as “Sports Illustrated” and many Catalogues employ Swimsuit and Lingerie models. Swimsuit models do not have tattoos or body piercings.

· Fitness: This industry consists of a lot of fitness stars who are very particular about their bodies. You must be in great physical shape and athletic. These models can be in fitness magazines or promote products like vitamins, health foods, and fitness equipment.

· Body Parts: Body parts modeling jobs is a specialty division. For example, you model your feet, hand, legs, neck, back, hair, etc. You have to have a perfect part to do this type of modeling. They show jewelry in ads and print skin care, shoes, bags, hair care products. The list goes on and on.

· Petite: Petite models are hired just like fashion and catalogue models. They do runway shows for designers whose clothes come in petite sizes. They also work for small boutiques or stores with petite divisions. Petite models can also do Print ads and makeup/beauty ads because height does not matter.

· Plus size: Plus size modeling has become an expanding industry because it appeals to a large part of the population. More designers are catering to the average women whose size is a 12 or above. Plus size models are hired for modeling jobs just like fashion and catalogue models. They do runaway shows for designers and work for an increasing number 61’ stores who sell plus-size clothing.

· Teen Modeling: Teen models are hired for print and commercial work. They model the Junior sizes for clothes, shoes, accessories, and other products directed to the younger generation, Department stores, retail stores, and shoe companies need teen models for their advertisements, mailers and catalogues. Some teen models may fit into other types of modeling, such as high fashion and petite and plus.

· Child Modeling: Child models are also photographed mostly for print work and hired 11r commercial ads as well as, stores, toy stores, mailers and catalogues. They model clothes and products directed towards children.

· Baby modeling: Babies are also used for print work and they model clothes, food, toys and other products related to newborns and babies.

· Mature Modeling: Mature models are seen everywhere in print and commercial advertisements. Medications and products, skin care and hair-loss as well as clothing catalogues and can be seen on the runway modeling the designers more mature lines of clothing.

· Character Model, Real People modeling: This type of model portrays more of your average Joe’s and girl next door types of model. In this part of the industry there are no particular definitions or requirements, just that you fit what the client is looking for. Jobs can include everything and anything in this industry!

· Commercial modeling: Every day you see commercial models in many different types of ads.

They appear in newspapers, catalogs, magazines, editorials, brochures, on posters, billboards, sides of buses, packages of food items, household products, games, toys, etc. The commercial model is the silent salesperson promoting a product or company. He or she has to act without using words.

Commercial models need to only look like a real person. People of all heights, weights, sizes, ages, and races are hired. These types of models will have more opportunities in this industry then a High Fashion model. A Commercial model connects the client, product and the consumer together. A client is the person whose product needs to be advertised. Usually, the client hires an ad agency to produce an ad; the ad agency hires the photographer. and either the art director from the ad agency or photographer hires the commercial model through the models agent or manager. Commercial modeling is a business like any other so do your homework. Advantages of working as a commercial model are that there are no physical limitations. The hours are flexible and the hourly fees are great!


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