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Do You Have "IT"?

What Is The “IT” Factor?

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“IT” is the factor that transcends a person’s looks and makes them even more attractive and desirable than someone who is just conventionally attractive.

People with “IT” may be good looking, yet “IT” isn’t about looks. People with “IT” may be famous or wealthy or powerful… but that’s not what “IT” is.

"IT" is knowingness, a belief in or knowingness about yourself that comes through in what you're saying without you trying to have it come through. It just does.


“IT” isn’t just one thing. It’s a combination that combines in such a way as to create a whole that radiates charisma and desirability.

There are ways to expand your "IT" Factor. And once you know what goes into “IT”, you can learn to develop "IT"

Below are a few tips:

A genuine smile

People can spot a fake smile at a glance and they will find it unsettling. You need to know how to produce a genuine smile at a moment’s notice.

Body Language

Very simple changes in the way we sit, stand and move can make the difference between someone with “IT” and “everybody else”.

Positive Energy

When you’re talking with someone who has “IT”, you feel energized. people who have the “IT” factor bring positive energy with them.


You start creating opportunities to work by first being someone they would like to work with. People in the industry are especially big on working with people they like. For there are many talented, skilled people vying for the job but as long as they think you are competent and you’re also friendly and likeable, you’re much more likely to get the job than someone they don’t like. Personality sells in this business. It starts with being friendly and likeable.


YOU are the product you’re selling, so you have to let them see the real authentic you! –by being fully present and not self-conscious.

Know how to enter a room

Enter the room as a distinct human being, not being like everyone else.

Walk in knowing who you are and what you think about things.

How do you learn to expand these qualities? At Role Model LA we teach you how to expand your ‘IT’ factor and become unstoppable! Your first class is only $25 click here to sign up!

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