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Do You Know What Modeling Agencies Want?

Ford Model Agency Tells What They Look for in a New Model.

Seventeen Magazine interviewed one of the best modeling agencies, Ford Models. This well known giant came forward to answer that age old question – What do model agencies look for in models they hire to work for them?

The bottom line is- does the agency think you can book work. After all, the agency does not make money unless YOU book jobs.

Below are a few of the things that help them determine your bookability:

  • Good Personality. A great personality means the model is full of life and energy. Notice the booking agent talks about how one model submitted photos on line and they called her in for an interview. “She was great, sweet and eager” People want to work with people they like and this will book jobs.

  • Moves Well. A model needs to move well and be able to get in front of a camera and work it. The model needs to be able to have fun while posing sometimes in bad weather or uncomfortable poses. "If you are uptight and boring, the pictures won’t come out good, no matter how good-looking you are."

  • Wow Factor. When you see a picture of a model there is a certain WOW factor. There are many things that attribute to that WOW factor.

  • Not About Perfection. The modeling industry has nothing to do with the perfect nose or smile. Unusually pretty and not typical looks are just as likely to book jobs, Agencies are just looking for a great model.

  • Confidence. A model needs to be confident in her presentation and in front of the camera. This is not snobbery or thinking your better than someone else. Confidence is when you let them see the real authentic you–by being fully present and not self-conscious. The one thing you have over everyone else is who YOU are, embracing that is where real confidence comes from.

Are you ready? Did you get inspired by the video? Do you have areas to work on before applying to some of these top list modeling agencies? We can teach you how to expand your WOW factor and learn all of these qualities and much more.

The first thing you must do is BELIEVE in your dream, TRAIN for it, and put it into PRACTICE!

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