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10 Tips To Reach Your Modeling Goals

Like any job, modeling is hard work. With the competitive nature of the business it takes more than a pretty face and a beautiful body to make it in the industry.

These modeling tips will help you reach your professional goals:

1) Be professional

Return all phone calls promptly and confirm your appointments

2) Always arrive to your bookings on time

On time means being there 15 minutes before you call time. If you arrive at your call time you are late. Calling at the last minute with an excuse is not acceptable.

3) Training

There are many types of modeling jobs. Learn about all of them and train for more than

runway and print so that you can book as many jobs as possible. If an agent says they want to book you for an informal modeling job, you need to know what it is and how to do it or you won’t get booked!

4) Invest in a quality marketing materials

Your pictures are your marketing materials and you need to know what looks you need, how to prepare the material and you need quality photographs in order to book the most gigs.

5) Know your stats

It is important that you know your dress sizes, bust, waist and hip measurements and honestly list them on your marketing materials. Lying about your size is a waste of time and money and will cost you work

Model in Vibrant Pattern

6) Understand basic elements of fashion

If you are planning a career in the fashion industry, you have to know the product you are selling. Find out what cuts fit your body best. Recognize how certain fabrics flow.

Figure out how to wear unflattering garments well. The better you are able to present the clothing, the more sought after you will become.

7) Keep up with the current trends in the industry

Become a student of fashion and the emerging top models. Thumb through fashion magazines and subscribe to industry publications. A working knowledge of your environment will help you acclimate to the environment.

8) Practice makes perfect

Professional models are able to portray the image the campaign is attempting to create.

Practice expressions and poses in the mirror, or in front of a friends camera until you are able to immediately convey an emotion or strike a pose instantly.

9) Be a team player

The model is just one piece of the puzzle. There are make-up and hair stylist, directors,

photographers and a variety of other people needed to achieve the finished product. Conduct yourself as a team player, not the star of the show.

Fit Woman

10) You are the product you are selling

Take care of your physical appearance with a proper diet and exercise. Also, keep your hair healthy, your skin in top condition, and get enough sleep.

This is how to become a model and get real jobs. If there are tips on the list that you do not know how to do, come train with us and you will be an expert in building your career as a professional working model.

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